Friday, February 24, 2006

More rocket attacks! and bringing down insurgants....

Nothing can prepare you for witnessing a real life fight for some ones life. Once the ambulance doors were open the patient inside had severe injuries including lower and upper limb loss, his injuries had left him in a very bad way and he was engulfed in a last ditch attempt to save his life. The Naval medic was giving chest compressions while another bagged air into him, before we moved him from the ambulance she gave him a few more as there’s no way compressions could be done whilst carrying him from the ambulance to the waiting sea king. Any medic training you receive be it civilian or military when you cover CPR your always told that if your doing it correctly you will probably break a rib, I’ve always had a mental picture of what that would be like but now I’ve seen CPR being done for real correctly and it fits the image I had but when its real it looks a whole lot worse! It will probably be the one memory that sticks with me more than the loss of limbs.. He was a big guy and as she gave a compression her hands dipped into his chest and his body wobbled, you could see he was out of it by the way his body was so relaxed and his arm was dangling of the edge of the stretcher until it was put back in place by some one. While that’s happening your caught up by the adrenalin and the need to get him away as quickly as possible, you don’t really think about it all, just make a quick mental note to think about it later… We got the stretcher of the ambulance and four of us carried it over to the heli and lifted it on. It’s harder than you think when you’ve got a bloke weighing probably 14 – 16 stone. Lifting the stretcher onto the sea king you’re lifting it to head height from the ground. Once he was on board my team was told there wasn’t enough room to get on as well so they’d fly back for us once they’d dropped him off at Shiaba (logistics base with a hospital). We got all our kit and placed it up against the hesco wall, the heli was getting ready to lift off so we got our goggles on and made sure all the kit was huddled in front of us, the last thing you want is kit to start blowing all over the place! The heli took off and sand blasted every thing in sight with an almighty roar of wind, dust, rota’s and engines. Once it had gone and the dust settled you could see we were all having our own moments of reflection the mood was different but every one was on the same page. We sat down leaning against the Hesco and then I realized how hot it was, we were so used to it being wet and cold all the time it was quite nice to be sat in the sun with no wind. With the heli gone the silence was quite deafening there were lots of warriors parked up and people sat around them but no noise, every thing had been so hectic and then there was a still silence and sunshine. All of a sudden the noise of prayer came drifting over the walls, the one thing we hadn’t heard since we’d been here! We’re not based in the city and there’s no mosks near us. The ayatollah was chanting his prayers over a tanoy system from up in a tower on a local mosk. It was quite surreal everyone reflecting on the poor sods we just loaded onto the heli sitting in the quite sunshine, no wind and the whining chanting sound of prayer drifting over us reminding us exactly were we are and the whole motivation behind those blokes getting blown to pieces….. Recently I went home for 2 weeks on my R&R (rest and recuperation, Leave) on my return to Iraq 2 days later we had the largest rocket attack recorded at the Air Station, 12 rockets were fired over one night, a couple early evening and then the main body late at night, nothing was hit and no one was hurt but it made for an eventful night.

The first rocket came down when my whole platoon had just got back to our accommodation after finishing 3 days of guard. We were just chilling out having a shower etc. I was in my room with about 3 others watching a DVD when we heard what sounded like the worlds largest whistling fire work, those little ones you get that whistle and pop. It flew right over our accommodation and then we heard the dull boom as it landed over the far side of the air field. Rocket attacks have been more frequent recently, a highly amusing routine has developed, every one puts on there body armor and helmets then stands out side there rooms on the street talking about the rocket that just flew over head, waiting for the next one to come whizzing over. We’re still under cover on the street as there’s a big dome that site over the accommodation. Its just highly amusing as it’s the only time everyone socializes as a platoon on the street chatting, the chairs come out the rooms, the brews start flowing. It got me thinking of a scene from monty python when the Zulus are attacking the British, the brits are getting slaughtered but they're all still drinking tea and talking about other more pressing matters, the stereo typed British stiff upper lip thats blantantly just madness! Eventually the camp tannoy kicks in, with its droaning mortar alarm about 2 rockets to late, a big cheer follows from the whole platoon as we can never understand how they get the alarm so late every time. In this sitting 3 rockets flew over and boomed away no were near anything or any body. The second lot came over just as we got back from a patrol later that night/early morning, we pulled into camp with the wagons and were just about to de kit them when the first rocket flew over and made one hell of a bang that seemed pretty close by so we all darted under hard cover in case any more followed and they did. For the next 20 minutes another 8 came flying over and some were in quick succession so you got the boom, boom one after the other or nearly at the same time.
Al our platoon sergeant came flying out of the guard room “Immediate notice to move!” shit that means we’re going to go out and find the b’stards, everyone was pleased with the prospect of going out to get them so we started moving the wagons back round and checking the kit, we new they were ready as we’d just come of a patrol but it was best to be safe. An American officer who was sharing our hard cover heard what was going on and asked if he could join us “Your’ll going out there to get em!?? Can I come with ya??!!” sadly we had to refuse the last thing we needed was an extra person with us. Then moments later we got stood down and every one was pissed of then, we couldn’t understand why when we were ready to move nobody on camp would have been able to get out faster than us…. After the notice to move the rockets flew over for another ten minutes, we could have got to the firing point and taken them in ten minutes easily! But ours is not to reason why….

We arrested our first suspected insurgent recently. We were on IRT ARF again and we were crashed to what we were told was an IED so we were expecting more injured people to pick up and deal with, once we got on the frame (sea king) and got in the air our 4 man team again were then in the dark as we couldn’t hear what was happening due to the noise and not being plugged into the internal comms. It was late at night about 11.30pm after being in the air for about 10 minutes flying south I noticed through the window we’d passed over Shiaba but other than that didn’t know were we were going. The Chris turns to me and shouts “We’ve got to arrest some one!” I wasn’t expecting that! A million questions than passed through my mind, were we going to land in a built up area? A road? In the desert? Was he armed? Was there more than one person there? Were there any of our troops there already? All of these things we didn’t know and couldn’t find out! The frame started to loose height I turned to Chris and pointed down to ask if we were landing he nodded and the loady who hangs out the side with the GPMG (machine gun) cocked his gun, Chris shouted “make ready!” so we all made ready as well, by making ready you’ve got a round in the chamber so all you need to do is take off the safety and pull the trigger. When you make ready you know it’s serious! In a few minutes you might have to take off the safety and start getting rounds down. The frame came into land; this was it we were getting off! We literally didn’t know anything we could jump off and some one could be shooting at us straight away, we all jumped off and it was pitch black I don’t carry night viewing aids as I’m normally driving but the team commander does and so does one other. I couldn’t see anything especially with all the dust and grit flying round, we weren’t in a built up area and it wasn’t a road it looked like we were in the middle of the desert some were. Once on the ground I pulled my weapon up into my shoulder scanning round and moving out from the frame at the same time, finger hovering over the trigger guard and thumb by the safety ready to click it off if needed. We spread out to get some kind of all round defense but still with the main aim of finding the person we were to arrest and needing to keep eyes on each other. Then I clocked him to my right he was stood up facing us in a white jumper, he was obviously disorientated by the dust flying in his face from the down draft and the noise of the massive sea king that just landed about 40m away from him, I shouted to the rest of the team giving them an indication to were he was not that they could hear me over the roar of the sea king. I pointed my weapon at him and moved in towards him all he would be able to see is the red light on my head and my weapon pointing right at him with another three red lights also moving in his direction. Once I was right by him I shouted “British Army! Stay were you are!” there was no point shouting it sooner he wouldn’t have been able to see or hear me. He probably wouldn’t have been able to understand either but by shouting at him with a weapon pointing at him any would get the message. I saw Chris in my peripheral vision just coming into position on my right weapon pointing as this bewildered bloke as well, Warner and chiders came into position, pointing there weapons out into the darkness as we didn’t know if there was any one waiting to open up on us from the vast expance of blackness. Chris got his plasty cuffs out while I continued to cover; Warner came into cover Chris while I moved into a better position to cover our left flank. Once Chris had him cuffed Chris and Warner moved him back to the frame while me and chiders covered them, once they were on we covered each other bounding back to the frame. Finally we were all on board and the frame lifted off, the detainee was sat in between me and chiders with Warner in front weapon pointing towards him. My job then was to make sure he didn’t pose a threat didn’t try move around and watch for any dodgy hand movements, my rifle was between my legs so it would be useless if he tried anything as I couldn’t wave it round fast enough so close up. So I sat with my elbow poised in a casual yet prime position to give him the good news in the face if he did try anything. Once we’d all settled I realized something funny, when we took of from the air station one of the nurses had passed chewing gum round and every one had had a piece. There were 6 of us sat staring at the detainee our 4 man team and the 2 nurses and we were all excited a bit of adrenalin pumping and chewing this gum at a million miles an hour like ravid dogs, it was like a scene out of a dodgy American cop film. Now we’d go this bloke we had to drop him off. It turned out he had been one of a group of 5 men found digging the side of the road on one of our main supply routes. Probably laying a road side bomb for the next convoy to go past, a British patrol had seen them arrested 4 and the one we got had ran off, he got 5 miles into the desert only to be picked up by us after his marathon run, no wonder he rolled over without much of a fight, he must have been knackered! We dropped him back at his starting point were the patrol were waiting to take him off our hands…..


Anonymous Ben said...

the most gripping blog yet!! I felt like i was in that chopper with you all, waiting to see what was on land! I reckon I'd have collapsed with all the addrenalin....I bet there was a massive relief when you got the geezer on the chopper and it took off....sounds like a crazy moment!

2:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bloody Hell Hubbard - Action or what !!!! - i reckon i would have collapsed with ben. This i great reading mate - keep it up and bloody keep safe...the pair of you!!

3:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...that was from me by the way!! - Karlos the great !

3:29 pm  
Anonymous Debaroo said...

Bloody Hell!!
Alright mate, my GOD! I know what Ben was going on about my heart was racing like a S.O.B when I was reading that. Fantastic Blog update, although it does make us worry about you guys more. Sounds hairy. Look after your arse, keep chewing that gum and stay safe.
Deb & Ad

9:17 am  
Blogger Mike Hubbard said...

I'm Glad its providing some entertainment for you all :O)

No need to worry we'll be fine ;O)

I was just thinking about you guyd at work and how i'll be back there after this.. i can't see there being much adrenalin back in the office when i get back.... Unless the photo copier breaks down that is!!

6:55 am  
Blogger Mike Hubbard said...

I'm Glad its providing some entertainment for you all :O)

No need to worry we'll be fine ;O)

I was just thinking about you guyd at work and how i'll be back there after this.. i can't see there being much adrenalin back in the office when i get back.... Unless the photo copier breaks down that is!!

6:55 am  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done, mate, i am a Roebuck veteran. Guess you guys will be coming home soon, where it will still seem cold lol! We found IRT and WIS the most active as well, there is nothing more horrible than when you see a body that broken for the first time. The guy we airlifted out died right next to me, which gave me thought for quite some time after i got back. The heli crash landing too didnt help but hey shit happens! You seem to be doing the best thing which is talking about it :)

12:53 pm  
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Anonymous Chris said...

Now you are all safely back and nearing the end of your POTL (or it has already finished) how do you feel? and i dont just mean the British summer temps lol. Any chance of a final blog?

Btw, have you heard? The company that took over from you have apparently been IED'd, with two injured.

8:46 am  
Blogger Mike Hubbard said...

yes it has been a long time since we got back and i've still not updated the blog! appologies i had a few people ask when its going to be finished and i'll put it to bed soon,

Hubby :O)

3:45 pm  
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